Krugman: The Case for Techno-optimism

Following up on this blog’s “Working till 2025: Crossing the Bridge,” here is an excerpt from a recent Paul Krugman post to his blog:

Basically, smart machines are getting much better at interacting with the natural environment in all its complexity. And that suggests that Skynet will soon kill us all a real transformative leap is somewhere over the horizon, maybe not this decade, but this generation.

But Brynjolfsson and McAfee have a new book — not yet out, but I have a manuscript — making this point with many examples and a lot of analysis.

There remain big questions about how the benefits of this technological surge, if it’s coming, will be distributed. But I think this kind of thing has to be taken into account when we try to imagine the future; I’m a great Gordon admirer, but his techniques necessarily involve extrapolating from the past, and aren’t well suited to picking up what could be a major inflection point.

Read Paul Krugman’s post for details on the Gordon reference. I’m looking forward to the new book from Brynjolfsson and McAfee.


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