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Back from hibernation

Allan  bungee jumps at Pulse 2014

Allan bungee jumps at Pulse 2014

I’m back. As I’ve said before, this blog will have ups and downs: that’s just the way it is. You can, however, expect this blog to be active in the near future. I recently attended Pulse 2014 as part of a one week IBM Redbooks residency program. This program gathered thought leaders from around the world and prepared them to write for IBM’s Thoughts on Cloud blog. This year the program was integrated with the Pulse conference, so the residents also covered the sessions using other social media channels, including Twitter (hashtag #ibmpulse). Ryan Boyles tells the story of the residency in Storify, “IBM Pulse social beat – social VIP edition.”

Prior to leaving Las Vegas, I completed my first post for the Thoughts on Cloud blog, “Three ways Pulse 2014 exemplifies our times,” where I reflect on the conference from the point of view of the book, The Second Machine Age, by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. Because I am a member of MIT Sloan CIO Symposium’s speaker / panel team, and because the authors of the book will be speaking at the Symposium, I also posted on the CIO Corner, with an elaborated title, “Three ways Pulse 2014 exemplifies our times: Insights into the second machine age.” I’ve committed to writing at least six more posts for the Thoughts on Cloud blog, although I aspire to do more. I may also write separately to the MIT Sloan blog, we’ll see. When I post on external sites, I’ll also post a brief description on this blog, along with a link. I’ve added two new categories, “Thoughts on Cloud” and “MIT CIO,” so that you can easily filter this blog for just these external posts.

At this residency program, I learned all about using social media, and in particular I learned about blogging techniques. As a writer for a corporate blog, you’re taught specific writing standards and given access to photo galleries, a graphics editor, and a blog editor. Nice huh? Well, it’s not as if I’ve been in the woods. I have a very good friend who’s edited almost every post for this blog, and that will continue. Time will tell if my experience in these other forums will influence the content here.

Although my focus will be on these external blogs for the short-term, I do have some personal posts in the works too. In particular, I’m working on promised follow-ups to my “Working till 2025” series that I published last fall. I’ll look forward to your thoughts and feedback as I open this new chapter. Also, consider coming to the 2014 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium on May 21. Early bird registration, which has a $200 discount, closes today.