Rock on chemistry teacher!

Are you getting tired of the endless discussions about improving education that seem to get us nowhere? Instead of all this talk, let kids be rock stars. Watch the teacher in this video:

This is the official music video of the rock band, When Particles Collide. I wrote this post because of the Radio Boston show I heard today, “Chemistry Teacher By Day, Rock Star By Night.” The leaders of the band, Sasha Alcott and Chris Viner, sound like they have an interesting life, and I imagine that Sasha is an inspiring teacher.

There is a lot to discuss about education. Yes we need standards. No, we can’t allow lunatics to force schools to teach nonsense. Beyond this, we also should not make school a dull grind due to endless testing, longer days, and homework overload. Life is short, robots will be doing all the dull jobs anyway, so let’s make education fun.

We need more teachers, better teachers, empowered teachers. Rock on chemistry teacher!


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