Insights on Maximizing and Communicating the Business Value of IT

Today, I published my insights about the breakout session I organized for the 2014 MIT CIO Symposium. Here’s the panel description:

Tomorrow’s Digital Enterprise depends on today’s ability to innovate. Yet in many organizations the CIO is not perceived, either rightly or wrongly, as an innovator; IT spends too much on keeping the lights on and lacks the agility to move at the speed of the business. How can CIOs use transparency to create a more business-focused culture in IT? And how can IT executives use facts and metrics to encourage value-oriented conversations with their business partners? This panel will share their experiences in using transparency to speed decision making, collaborate on tradeoffs to improve value, and find ways to fund and govern business investments in innovation.

Originally posted on: MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, Insights on Maximizing and Communicating the Business Value of IT

One of the afternoon breakouts of the 2014 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium focused on “Maximizing and Communicating the Business Value of IT” (view complete video of panel). The moderator, Chip Gliedman, VP and Principle Analyst, Forrester Research, led the panel through a discussion on how CIOs deliver and measure value in the modern digital enterprise.

In addition to Chip panelists included Brook Colangelo, SVP & CIO, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Harry Moseley, CIO and Managing Director, KPMG LLP, Martyn Wiltshire, Director of Strategic IT Initiatives, SanDisk Corporation, and Todd Tucker, Research Director, Technology Business Management (TBM) Council.

For years, IT organizations have worked to optimize technology and deliver the best value for the money. Today IT is at an inflection point: disruptive innovations, such as social and mobile computing, are creating new opportunities and challenges for CIOs. As the IT landscape shifts from effectiveness and efficiency to customer engagement and business partnership, CIOs are being forced to reconsider the mission of IT. What is “value” in the digital era and how is it measured?

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View Video Recording of the session



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