Online Community

This is a partial list of people who I’ve written about, sites that I use, or blogs that I follow. Read my posts in the category Building this Blog for more information on how this blog has evolved. See also the References Page for fact checking, books, and official sites of organizations, such as government agencies.

Authors, Academics & Commentators


  • FIRE, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
  • FiveThirtyEight, focused on politics, economics, science, life and sports
  • SCOTUSblog, Supreme Court of the United States Blog, multiple authors
  • Thoughts on Cloud, IBM blog on cloud technology
  • Wonkblog, The Washington Post, Blog on Economic and domestic policy

News Sites

Science and Technology Sites


To the best of my ability, I try to choose people for this online community that are:

  • Interesting
  • Not anonymous
  • Transparent regarding reputation, affiliations, and life context
  • Open to a range of ideas
  • Willing to engage in reasoned debate
  • Committed to fact checking, providing references, and writing with integrity

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